Amazon Prime Expected To Be Major Player In NBA’s Broadcast Future (2024)

1. Although Amazon is expected to land the NBA’s “C” package in the upcoming television rights deals that will begin with the 2025-26 season, that designation is in title only because Prime’s haul of games will be significant.

According to a new report from Puck’s John Ourand (last week’s SI Media Podcast guest), Amazon Prime is likely to land a Saturday night window for the regular season. More importantly, though, the streaming service is also expected to gain the rights to first- and second-round playoff games as well as one conference finals series every other year.

It’s expected that Amazon will split the conference finals with either NBC or Warner Brothers Discovery (TNT), while ESPN/ABC will get a conference finals every year in its new deal with the NBA.

Ourand’s report also stated that a decision hasn’t been made yet about whether NBC or WBD will get the NBA’s “B” package.

One thing that seems to be very odd, though, is, according to Ourand, Amazon is expected to pay $1.8 billion per year for the next 11 years ($19.8 billion total).

Meanwhile, NBC has reportedly offered the NBA $2.5 billion per year for the package that doesn’t include an NBA Finals and only has a conference finals every other year. That’s how much NBC wants to stick games on Peaco*ck.

So just to sum up: If NBC got the “B” package and you’re a big-time NBA fan, you will need to pay for some sort of cable package so you get ESPN, you’ll have to pay for Peaco*ck, you’ll have to pay for Amazon Prime and you’ll have to pay for your local games on whatever RSN they will air on.

With all sports splitting their rights deals into multiple parts, that means two things: The leagues make more money and the fans have to spend more money to watch games.

And it’s only going to get worse.

2. This was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in the NBA.

— Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) May 7, 2024

To make that call in that spot is mind-boggling. Part of being a sports fan is that you complain about the refs. It’s basically a requirement.

But when NBA players and fans are constantly referencing the total joke that is the NBA’s “Last 2-Minute Report,” you have a problem on your hands.

Myles Turner: “I think it’s best when the players decide the outcome of the game.”

“I think we’re all looking forward to the Last 2 Minute Report coming out. I think there were 2 controversial calls. The kick ball by Aaron Nesmith was not a kick ball. You clearly see on replay.”

— Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto) May 7, 2024

Last two minute report

— Scott Van Pelt (@notthefakeSVP) May 7, 2024

The Last Two Minute report for this game is going to be a novel

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) May 7, 2024

My favorite playoff games are when we get to wait for the NBA last 2 minute report to see everything the refs got wrong

— Big Cat (@BarstoolBigCat) May 7, 2024

Last 2 minute report gonna be a novel

— Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) May 7, 2024

Might take the NBA a week to go through the last 2 minute report on that one

— Gump Cathcart (@bubbagumpino) May 7, 2024

3. In yesterday’s Traina Thoughts, I ranked Nikki Glaser as the No. 1 roaster at the The Roast of Tom Brady. Glaser appeared on The Howard Stern Show Monday and revealed some of the NSFW jokes that she had, but didn’t use on the Netflix special.

Here are the jokes @NikkiGlaser didn't tell at the @Netflix #TomBradyRoast.

— Stern Show (@sternshow) May 6, 2024

4. What a performance from Green Light’s Chris Long. With rap battles being all the rage these days, Long wanted to go in the opposite direction, and instead put together a tune for his good friend, The Ringer’s Ryen Russillo. Even though Long wanted to do “positive rhymes,” he threw in a verse about Russillo’s 2017 arrest for trespassing.

Timeline hit like Kermit Washington
He’s rude
He passed out, sloppy drunk
There was no forced entry
Cops were stunned
Game plan Tony Bennett
Not to run
Feet set, he took the charge
It was no fun

Tired of diss records. Too much negativity. Doing positive rhymes about other media members until the beefs end. #KissRecords not #DissRecords @ryenarussillo

— chris long (@JOEL9ONE) May 7, 2024

5. Keith Hernandez played for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1974 to part of the 1983 season. He’s in the Cardinals Hall of Fame. And he guest starred on the greatest sitcom of all time.

Yet, on Monday, he couldn’t get into St. Louis’s Busch Stadium.

Keith Hernandez, Cardinals Hall of Famer, briefly had trouble getting into Busch Stadium this afternoon because he had his 2023 badge, which wouldn't scan, so security wouldn't let him pass. He eventually dug his 2024 ID out of his bag.

— Tim Healey (@timbhealey) May 6, 2024

6. The latest episode ofSI Media With Jimmy Trainafeatures an interview with Puck senior correspondent John Ourand about all the latest sports media news. Ourand breaks down the latest reports regarding the NBA’s upcoming television deals and where things stand between the league and ESPN, TNT, NBC and Amazon. Ourand also shares thoughts on how the new TV deals would impact the future of theInside the NBAcrew of Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.

Ourand discusses the changes at CBS’sNFL Todaywith Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms out and Matt Ryan in, whether the NFL draft would ever move to a Wednesday-Thursday-Friday schedule instead of Thursday-Friday-Saturday, the status of theMarchand & Ourand Podcastand more.

Following Ourand, Sal Licata from WFAN and SNY joins me for the weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week’s topics include an NFL draft shocker, a blow to an MLB superstar, Dave & Buster's allowing gambling, Jerry Seinfeld turning 70 and much more.

Brand new SI MEDIA PODCAST with @Ourand_Puck

- All the latest news on the NBA's TV future with ESPN, TNT, NBC and Amazon

- Future of "Inside the NBA"

- CBS shakes up "NFL Today"

- Should NFL move Draft days

— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) May 2, 2024

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Absolutely disgraceful job by me not acknowledging the anniversary of the "Pine Barrens" episode in yesterday’s Traina Thoughts. Every single year, on May 6, that episode of The Sopranos needs to be celebrated. So we’re doing it today because better late than never.

23 years ago today we got one of the best Sopranos episodes in the entire series…titled Pine Barrens:

"He killed 16 Czechoslovakians. Guy was an interior decorator."

— Wu Tang is for the Children (@WUTangKids) May 6, 2024

Be sure tocatch up on past editions of Traina Thoughtsand check out theSports Illustrated Media Podcasthosted by Jimmy Traina onApple,SpotifyorGoogle. You can also follow Jimmy onTwitter,InstagramandTikTok.

Amazon Prime Expected To Be Major Player In NBA’s Broadcast Future (2024)


What is the Amazon deal with the NBA? ›

Amazon's (AMZN.O) , opens new tab package would amount to $1.8 billion a year and will include regular-season and playoff games and a share of the conference finals, which will be split in a rotation among the media partners, the report said.

Does Amazon Prime play NBA? ›

You do not need to have a cable subscription to subscribe to NBA League Pass with Prime Video Channels. A subscription to NBA League pass will give you access to watch regular-season games on any Prime Video supported device, as long as the games are not unavailable due to being nationally or locally broadcast.

Did TNT lose the NBA contract? ›

The NBA's broadcast rights deal with ESPN and TNT Sports will end following the 2024-25 season, opening the door for new networks and streaming services to serve as the home for action in the association.

What sports will be on Amazon Prime? ›

Sports on Prime Video
  • NWSL.
  • Major League Baseball.
  • Premier Boxing Champions.
  • National Football League.
  • ONE Championship.
  • National Basketball Association.
  • WNBA.
  • Professional Pickleball Association.

What is the new NBA broadcasting deal? ›

NBA Close to $76 Billion TV Rights Deal With NBC, Amazon and Disney | Report. The National Basketball Association is closing in on media deals with NBC, Amazon and Disney/ESPN that could see the league score about $76 billion in revenue over 11 years, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Is Amazon getting into sports? ›

Diamond Sports Group, the regional sports operator for 37 teams across MLB, the NHL and the NBA, dropped a bombshell early Wednesday, announcing a partnership with Amazon that, if approved in court, would place local games on Prime Video and allow the company to emerge from bankruptcy in a reimagined state.

How much is Shaq getting paid for TNT? ›

According to reports, Shaq will be earning $10 million per year before tax. That means that by the time he's 60, Shaq will be making a total of $100 million from just his TNT contract.

How much does Charles Barkley make with TNT? ›

It's a smart bet that ESPN, Amazon, and NBC would all vie for his services. Barkley's current 10-year deal with TNT pays him upward of $100 million, according to the New York Post.

Does Draymond Green have a TNT contract? ›

Green signed a multi-year deal with TNT in January 2022 that looked like a masterful move by Turner at the time. Since then, Green has: Been ejected from a playoff game against Memphis. Punched Jordan Poole in training camp.

Is Paramount Plus free with Amazon Prime? ›

People who have an existing Amazon Prime Video subscription can choose from a variety of featured channels to watch from, including Paramount Plus. Unfortunately, it is not one of the free services offered, but there is a way to test it without getting charged.

Does Amazon Prime have WNBA? ›

Prime Video is the exclusive national streaming partner of 21 WNBA games, including the Commissioner's Cup championship game. Prime Video's regular-season coverage of the 2024 Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) season is in full swing.

Is Amazon Prime good for sports? ›

Amazon Prime Video Review

The streaming service is a perfect fit for sports fans and anyone who wants loads of content to watch.

How much does Amazon pay for football? ›

Back in 2021, Amazon paid $11 billion to broadcast Thursday Night Football for 11 seasons. At 17 games per season, that's a per-game cost of $58.8M.

Is NBC getting the NBA? ›

According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, NBC is planning to pay $2.5 billion annually to broadcast a package of NBA games, doubling TNT's parent company Warner Brother's current annual pact of $1.2 billion.

Does Amazon Fire TV have NBA? ›

You can also watch NBA LEAGUE PASS games on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PSVita and Sony Blu-ray. Just enter your email and password into the NBA Game Time app when prompted.

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